CALL FOR PAPERS – Contrasting religious multiple identitities

Call for papers – Easr 2018, Bern

Religious multiple identities can emerge in multiethnic and multicultural society and can be related with mixed behavior, syncretic worships, contaminations, new rituals, complex self conceptions, identity debates within religious groups.

At the same time, in a dialectic process, different communities can evidence some efforts to contrast multiple and hybrid identities, defining orthodoxies, orthopraxis, ortholiturgies. They can also try to close themselves creating purity’s standard, using limited spaces, introducing alimentary restrictions, choosing initiatory languages, prohibiting contacts, relations or contaminations.

Contemporary, religious groups can act strategies in order to modify or to restrain and suppress hybrid and multiple identities. In multicultural and complex societies some identitarian groups pursuit proselytism and efforts to strengthen definite identities by mutable strategies, cultural intervention, dissimulations.

The object of the panel “Contrasting religious multiple identitities” at EASR 2018 is the resistance to contaminations and to mixed identities, analyzed from an historical perspective in particular and paradigmatic situations. The main aim is to outline general identity, social and cultural dynamics. Papers and discussion will be focused on:

Ethnical, cultural and national aspects of multiple religious identities;

Dynamic and changeable aspects of multiple religious identities;

Processes of definition and clarification of orthodoxy;

Codifying religious orthodoxy (and orthopraxis) in multicultural and multiethnic contexts;

Strategies of contrasting multiple religious identities and behaviors;

Resistances to multiple religious identities within religious groups;

Processes of strengthening religious “orthodox” identities related with the contrast to multiple identities;

Use of violence connected with the resistance to standardization efforts;

Educational activities;

Legal aspects and interventions.